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California bill would make Election Day a state holiday
By KATY MURPHY | | Mercury News Source
PUBLISHED: February 16, 2017 at 3:56 pm | UPDATED: February 16, 2017 at 11:16 pm

SACRAMENTO – Many Californians would no longer have to worry about squeezing a trip to the polls into their working day if a bill proposed by a Silicon Valley lawmaker becomes law.

Assembly Bill 674, authored by Evan Low, D-Cupertino, would make November elections on even years a holiday for schools and state workers as a way to boost voter turnout. Private businesses would not be required to close, but Low said he hoped many would choose to give their employees the day off.

“I think this will ensure that more people will be able to participate in the electoral process,” Low said in an interview Thursday.

In November, 75 percent of registered voters and 58.7 percent of Californians eligible to vote participated, according to data from the California Secretary of State‘s Office. The numbers were far lower for the general election held in 2014, where just 42 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders also has called for a national holiday on those even-numbered general election years. “We should not be satisfied with a `democracy’ in which more than 60 percent of our people don’t vote and some 80 percent of young people and low-income Americans fail to vote,” he said in a news release announcing the 2015 “Democracy Day” bill, which did not pass.

California wouldn’t be the first to take this step. Other states, such as New Jersey, have declared Election Day a holiday, as has the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Of course in California, millions of people vote long before Election Day without stepping foot at a polling station. In November, 8.4 million people — 57 percent of everyone who cast a ballot — voted by mail, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Other bills in Low’s package include a proposal to force public officials convicted of voter intimidation to forfeit office and legislation to make it easier for “no party preference” voters to participate in primary elections.

Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello - The ghost of Tom Joad via Guitar Music

One Can Lead A Horse To Water, But...

Until there is a solution for this, where one solution has been provided, Nobody will continue to bring Peace to Our Times, feed the hungry, care for the sick, bake apple pie better than Mom, and believes None of the Above should be a valid choice on Voter Ballots.


Nobody has a sense of humor any more ~ Attorney General Sessions
Nobody has a sense of humor any more ~ Attorney General Sessions

Nobody will be fired ~ United Airlines afer UA employee beats up doctor on plane
Nobody will be fired ~ United Airlines CEO

Nobody knew Health Care could be so complicated ~ President Trump
Nobody knew Health Care could be so complicated ~ President Trump

Big tank truck with sign on back saying, CAUTION: Vehicle may be Transporting Political Promises! ~ with personal license plate reading, POO PMPR
CAUTION: Vehicle may be Transporting Political Promises! ~ Plate: POO PMPR

Alan Grayson Wants None Of The Above On The Presidential Ballot

U.S. Rep Alan Grayson's Floor Speech on None of the Above Act
from Grayson Press ~

The Florida Democrat introduced a bill that would force parties to present new nominees if that was the most popular option.

Daniel Marans, Huffington Post, 11/17/2016, Source [Video at Source] via Fred

Like many Americans, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) was not happy with the two major parties’ presidential nominees.

But instead of moaning about it or abstaining from the political process, the former supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid is introducing the None of the Above Act. The bill would allow voters to choose “none of the above” on a presidential ballot if they do not like the other choices.

If more voters chose “none of the above” than any of the individual candidates, there would automatically be a do-over in which the parties present new nominees.

“We make them do it over until they get it right and give us candidates who we want to vote for, someone who we feel would actually do a good job in leadership and make the country a better place,” Grayson said in a speech about the bill on the House floor on Wednesday.

Grayson, who is leaving Congress after a failed bid for the Democratic Senate nomination, commissioned a poll days before the Nov. 8 election. It suggested that Sanders would have won by 12 percentage points in a matchup against then-candidate Donald Trump. Grayson highlighted the results of that poll, and other hypothetical match-ups showing a Trump loss, in his Wednesday speech, as a way of demonstrating the Democrats’ failure to nominate the most viable candidate.

Speaking of "DEPLORABLES" Mrs. Bill
What's your opinion on lying sexual predators ?

Mr. Mike Pence
Mr. Donald Trump's choice for Vice President

Voted for extending Patriot Act. Voted for illegal Iraq war, ...knowing fifty percent (50%) of the Iraqi population were children under the age of 15.

Mr. Bernie Sanders

It's the end of the world as we know it...again.
A brief history of Socialist Plots to end the American way of life
by Pulitzer Prize-winning American political cartoonist
Matt Wuerker; founding staff member of Politico.

Voted against unread Patriot Act, Voted against illegal Iraq war, ...gets Screwed Out of Election by:

Debbie Democrap and her DNC Band
Debbie Does Finger on the Scales
and... tosses political bone to Mrs. Bill ???

American Dream ~ Carlin/L.I.L.T from Felly ~
[Not Work Safe (Language)]

Psychedelic Blues from Drew Christie ~

In this animated documentary, Peter Stampfel tells the story of how the freak folk band, first got together.


Is Somebody Surprised?

Republicans ignor party rules and want anybody; including Mrs. Bill, for president.

Nobody follows Birthday Party rules and wants None of the Above on voter ballots.


On Wednesday April 27, 2016, the Guardian had an article titled, "Hillary Clinton isn't progressive. She's just the lesser evil in the general election" by Kiese Laymon saying, "A truly great candidate would face – and fix – decades of systemic harm done to black Americans. Neither Clinton nor Bernie Sanders has done that."

"There is one story I would like to share with you about the media and our 1976 arrival in Washington, D.C. They told us "if we wanted more or better coverage" _then_ "we would have to become more political". We decided Nobody was an AKA (also known as) for "None of the Above" and should be included on the ballot. We figured if a majority of people voted for 'None of the Above' rather than "voting for the lesser of two evils," it might force a situation where Americans would have to find someone competent to lead them. The media said, Nobody could argue with that logic."

NOBODY bakes Apple Pie better than Mom, Nobody for President,
NONE of the ABOVE should be a choice on Voter Ballots!

"You're being ridiculous," S. Silverman

A 75 year old speech in the 21th century
from Bertrand Thomas ~

Bernie Sanders voted against an unread Patriot Act of 2001.
Bernie Sanders voted against an illegal Iraq war.

Debbie Does Finger on the Scales
Debbie Does "Finger on the Scales"

Mrs. Bill, also known as Neocon Hill, voted for an unread Patriot Act.

Mrs. Bill, a.k.a. Baby Killer Hill, associates with a known liar & cheat, and voted for an illegal Iraq war, knowing fifty percent (50%) of the Iraqi population were children under the age of 15.

Hillary’s Lies ~ FBI’s Cowardness
from Toby Dodd ~

The Patriot Act was used to remove U.S. Citizen Freedom & Liberty and was created by the same Republicans who lied about WMD, started an illegal war in Iraq, murdered thousands of children, women, civilians, U.S. Military, was totally supported by the Democrat Party, and No Politician went to jail..

Ride the Fence ~ NOT WORK SAFE (language)
from Rip & Roy ~

Nobody will eliminate an unread Patriot Act, detain politicians, who voted for illegal Iraq war with no personal/outside contact or media for a minimum of 15 years at Gitmo, and love you forever !!!

Nobody should have that much power _and_
None of the Above should be a valid choice on voter ballots

Added new 2016 Meme Directory

Nobody Selects Complicity Igar for Vice President

Complicity Igar for Vice

Note from Nobody's Campaign Manager

At this juncture I would like to point out Nobody's Birthday Party provided one of the easiest, cost-effective, ways to restore political balance: make None of the Above a valid choice on voter ballots.

Unfortunately, a jaded two party system rejects this simple fix because Nobody has all the answers and believes if a majority of citizens voted for None of the Above, rather than lesser of evils, voters would have to find someone competent to lead them !!!

Malignant Narcissism, Rush, HD Conversion
from Ed ~

Is Amerika Drowning
In A Cesspool of Malignant Political Narcissism?

Presented in Quadraspeak because Strings allow 4th Dimension!

A very intelligent person with a keen sense of observation presented an enlightening psychological profile of a specific situation using narcissism, which I had never considered, but now find true and have applied its extremes to the current presidential race in Amerika.

Brief History

The social psychologist, Erich Fromm first coined the term "malignant narcissism" in 1964, describing it as a "severe mental sickness" representing "the quintessence of evil". He characterized the condition as "the most severe pathology and the root of the most vicious destructiveness and inhumanity."

Are presidential candidates subject to Narcissistic Personality Disorder ?

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a disorder, characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.

People with the disorder are often perceived as arrogant, callous, envious and tend to be exploitative in their interpersonal relationships.

They can be excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.

Those with NPD generally lack emotional awareness and insight into their own condition, and fail to acknowledge that their behavior is at the root of their own problems as well as the problems they cause for others because, as a personality disorder, their thoughts, perceptions, and actions are generally consistent with their sense of self.

In cases of child sexual abuse that lead to narcissism, blaming the victim expands the trauma.

Malignant narcissists are cases of arrested development ?

They are perpetually living in a mindset of a young child. The age when a child is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong but very willing to do wrong if they think they won't get caught. Like a child, they feel entitled to whatever they want. Like a child, they recreate reality to suit their fantasy about themselves and the world around them. Like a child, they want all attention focused on them. But, unlike a child, the narcissist is not subject to being molded and shaped by authority figures or reality. The narcissist is determined (read here, conscious choice) to remain a child whereas most children are driven by a desire to grow up. Children are childish and there is no crime in that. I'm not pathologizing childhood. I'm highlighting that malignant narcissists are pathological children.

They reserve to themselves the right to define reality to all in their domain.

Do presidential candidates create Phobic Symptoms for voters?

For example:

Feelings of uncontrollable anxiety when a candidate is, or about to be exposed for __

Feelings that everything possible must be done to avoid __

Inability to function normally because of voter anxiety __

Having knowledge that fears are unreasonable or exaggerated, but feeling powerless to control them, which will sometimes lead to panic attacks.

Is the average voter being exposed to Narcissistic Abuse ?

Narcissistic abuse is one of the most pervasive forms of abuse. There really isn’t much worse and this condition is increasingly spreading throughout our society.

The increasing use of illegal drugs, abuse and the general social breakdown occurring world wide is a major cause.

A person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) will emotionally damage their families. This damage can last more than a life time, it will also affect the next 3 or 4 generations.

Many children of NPD elect to not perpetuate the craziness another generation by not having children. NPD can also be passed down through the generations. Great grandma had NPD and one of the great grand children also is afflicted with NPD.

NPDs are very good actors and actresses. They can feign love or whatever they need to get what they want. They tend to attract empaths or people that really want to help them. These make wonderful victims, especially the type that can keep turning the cheek.

18 Ways To Spot A Narcissist

1. They’re likable — at least, at first glance. ~ 2. Not all narcissists are loud and proud. In fact, some are quiet and shy. ~ 3. They can often be found in leadership roles.

Not that that makes them good leaders, notes Jean Twenge, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Psychology at San Diego State University and co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic with Campbell. But narcissists often find themselves in leadership positions because "people who are narcissistic want to be leaders. They don't necessarily make better leaders, but they want to do it, so they're more likely to end up in those positions."

4. They always manage to make the conversation about themselves. ~ 5. They’re also guilty of name-dropping. ~ 6. Not every story a narcissist tells is one of victory. But even in the stories of tragedy or failure, there’s an air of entitlement and victimization. ~ 7. They like nice things. ~ 8. Appearance is everything to them. ~ 9. On Facebook, they have lots of friends — and not a single bad picture. ~ 10. They are strongly averse to criticism. ~ 11. Excuses are a narcissist’s best friend. ~ 12. They leave a trail of wreckage behind them. ~ 13. And in that vein, they may be more likely to cheat. ~ 14. Everything is personal. ~ 15. A narcissistic person probably has no idea he or she is a narcissist. ~ 16. You find yourself resorting to flattery just to maintain the peace with a narcissist. ~ 17. Narcissists are not low in self-esteem. ~ 18. Men are more likely to be narcissists than women.

Are voters a target of narcissistic abuse ?

If you have been the target of a severe narcissist, severing ties may be necessary. Others may never understand why you had to make this choice. Without exposure, a capacity for insight, concern and curiosity, they cannot perceive the destructiveness. It may make you feel alone, but so be it. Do what you have to do.

Once you are removed and safe, thoughts about what happened—why, how, makes no sense, they do not care about the damage they caused, etc,—may haunt you. You may feel damaged or tainted because you are now saddled with the memories and feel you cannot get them out of your head.

You can.

Here's how: Develop the ability to change your thoughts or your relationship to your thoughts. There are many options such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

It can be done.

Regarding the incredibly seductive pull of a very skilled narcissist, be wise.

When the bombs of life hit us, our worldview is shattered. Our assumption of a fair world run by a benevolent deity is brought into direct conflict with the hell of our pain. Experiencing extreme pain affects how we view ourselves. The picture of the beautiful, happy loving world we used to live in, involved our own part of that picture. We all carry pictures of ourselves in our heads. Most of us have the belief that we are capable to wake up in the morning, shower, get ourselves dressed and proceed throughout our day making our living. The trauma of victimization changes all this. We seriously question ourselves after a narcissist victimizes us. Are we weak? Are we needy? How did we not see them for who they were? Weren’t we intelligent? How did we not pick up on the lies? Are we out of control? It makes no sense to us when we face unwarranted, irrational and undeserved mental /emotional torture by a narcissist.

The victimization of us was neither expected nor intended to be our choice. We did not want to be lied to, cheated, cheated on, stolen from, lied about, sold down the river and thrown away. We did NOT see this coming. We perceive ourselves as helpless and powerless. Our self perceptions change. Will we now always be victimized in relationships? Will we be singled out again? These new self perceptions can cause us to act out again, from this perception; becoming another victim to a narcissist.

As you can see, the skillful narcissist is a person with some pretty amazing traits. In my opinion, they can be formidable. They can be impressive in power, strength, intelligence, size, and difficulty. If you find one opposing you, they can be astounding enemies. They are not omnipotent, though they might think so. They do have limitations. Their ego is their own undoing. Many times, when they discover that you are on to them, they disappear. They do this if they perceive that you can blow their cover and expose them as a sham. For an extreme narcissist, being fully exposed to the world is the greatest pain in their lives. It is also the best medicine to their disease because it will force them to look inside and deal with their pain and wounds. If and when that happens, they will become like the rest of us, realizing that we do need others to help and love us. They will see how they need to love from a genuine heart that does not seek to use people. A former and healed narcissist can turn all his powerful assets, which he used to advance himself, to making a powerful contribution in the lives of others and being realistically liked. In the meantime, be careful and avoid being duped and drawn by the amazing magnetism of this kind of person.


If you have been targeted by a Malignant Political Narcissist for serious abuse, be aware that the abuse includes character assassination ~ the annihilation of who you are as a person. Just as through murder a careful criminal leaves no witnesses, a malignant narcissist is careful to abuse on the sly and destroy the victim's credibility in advance in order to "leave no witnesses." Character assassination is the premeditated murder of the target's image, their good name, their reputation, and ultimately their life.

Esurance (for Elections) from Rene Delgado ~

Today's Secret Question:

Today's Secret Question Is:

Is plagiarism more important than GOP wanting to know if Monica swallowed, truth about mass murders of 9/11, or incompetent 9/11 cOmmission findings?

GOP to launch investigation into allegations Michelle Obama plagiarized Melania Trump. via Vicki

GOP, w/Democrat support, spent seventy million dollars ($70,000,000) to discover if Monica swallowed.

GOP, w/Democrat support, spent three million dollars ($3,000,000) on the 9/11 cOmmission to look into fraudulent claims about 9/11 mass murder.

None of the Above should be a choice on voter ballots
None of the Above should be a choice on voter ballots

The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions
by David Ray Griffin

Page 284: At that point, in any case, the obstacles to be placed before the Commission's work had only begun. The president refused to give it adequate funding. Whereas the investigation of the Challenger disaster received $50 million, Bush promised only $3 million for the investigation of the much more deadly and complex disaster of 9/11. He then initially resisted when the Commission asked for an additional $8 million. After that we witnessed delays in issuing security clearances; resistance to providing documents; insistence that federal employees have "minders" present when they were testifying; resistance to having White House officials testify, especially under oath; and resistance to extending the deadline when the Commission realized that, because of the many delays, it needed more time.

Bush White House trying to put the brakes on the congressional panel created last fall to investigate 9-11 attacks

REMEMBER KIDS, every time you hear
"PLAGIARISM"Scream Real Loud:

You Can't Fix Stupid

Pee Wee's Punk Rock Pogo Party with Cowboy Curtis
from Robert Lyons ~


Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump
or None of the Above

Editorial Observer by Elizabeth Williamson July 9, 2016, via Hank

RALEIGH, N.C. — Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump by an average of five percentage points nationally, recent polls suggest. But both campaigns — just like all campaigns in earlier years — are hoping and praying that “independent” and “undecided” voters (who aren’t necessarily the same) can be persuaded to swing their way.

It may not be an easy sell: This year “undecided” often means “none of the above.”

Take John Sinsley, a telecommunications consultant in Raleigh, N.C., capital of a battleground state. Mr. Sinsley, 47, who says Bill Clinton was our last good president, is the type of independent voter Hillary Clinton is courting in this tossup state.

“I can’t legitimately vote for either presidential candidate,” he said. “I don’t trust Hillary Clinton. Trump is refreshing, but only so far as he’s throwing a wrench into the political system. But I’m not going to cast a vote just in protest.”

Every presidential year, the “undecideds” exasperate pollsters and partisans until November, when most of them wind up voting for a major party candidate, or not at all.

But this cycle, dissatisfaction with both major-party options — what Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah called “Sophie’s choice if Sophie hated both of her kids” — has redefined “undecided.” About four in 10 voters say they’re having trouble choosing between the two candidates because neither would make a good president, according to a new Pew Research Center study. That’s as high as at any point since 2000. Very few — 11 percent — find the choice difficult because both candidates would make a good president, the lowest proportion in the same time period.

Related, but separate, is that the share of voters calling themselves “independent” this year is at a 75-year high, according to the Pew Center. At 39 percent, they’re a plurality of the electorate.

Undecided voters might be sitting on the fence, but they’re paying attention. Fully 80 percent of registered voters say they have given “quite a lot” of thought to the election, the highest share at this point in any campaign since 1992, according to Pew.

Buzz Merchant, a construction company owner from Wendell, N.C., told me that Bernie Sanders’s loss leaves him in a quandary. “If it were life or death, I’d pick Trump,” he said.

Shamone Moise, Mr. Merchant’s girlfriend, disagreed. “If Trump gets in we’re done — I’m thinking bombs, war, boom,” she told me. “But I don’t believe a word Clinton says.”

“I may have to find another button, but I will vote,” she said.

Undecided voters like these tend to break for lesser-known candidates, says Doug Schwartz, Quinnipiac University’s polling director. That’s fueling a modest bump in the polls for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, who’s polling at about 8 percent nationally.

“Things could shift dramatically because there’s so many people still up for grabs who don’t have the anchor of party ID,” Mr. Schwartz said.

Sometimes the people who call themselves “undecided” are actually leaning toward Mr. Trump, and maybe feeling uneasy about admitting it.

I spoke with a 50ish man from Charlotte, N.C., who refused to give me his name, because he’s an independent who doesn’t want anyone to know he is “maybe 50 percent there” for Mr. Trump.

“I’ve ruled out Hillary, which is kind of sad,” he said. “But I work in a bank, and I would be fired for what she did with her emails.” Still, “Trump has the potential to divide the country, when we want to unify it.”

He sighed. “I’ve never not voted. It’s not that I’m frustrated with the process. But you’ve got to feel like you’re making the best choice.”

Back in Raleigh, Megan Healy leans the other way. “I might vote for Hillary Clinton, but only to take a vote away from Donald Trump,” she said.

Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook and Twitter(@NYTopinion), and sign up for the Opinion Today newsletter.

A version of this editorial appears in print on July 10, 2016, on page SR8 of the New York edition with the headline: Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump, or None of the Above. Today's Paper|Subscribe

Mr. Trump, a reality show host & Corporate CEO, is Republican Presidential Candidate.

She’s A Liar, Donald Trump (Impersonator Tim Watters) on Hillary Clinton
from William Gold Entertainment ~

Mrs. Bill, a politician associated with a known liar & cheat, is Democrat Presidential Candidate.

Hillary’s Lies ~ FBI’s Cowardness
from Toby Dodd ~

Mr. Trump & Mrs. Bill supported a liberty stealing Patriot Act

Mr. Trump did not oppose & Mrs. Bill voted for illegal Iraq war

Mr. Bernie Sanders;
Somebody who appears to be like you or me,
voted against the Patriot Act and Iraq War!

It's the end of the world as we know it...again.
A brief history of Socialist Plots to end the American way of life
by Pulitzer Prize-winning American political cartoonist
Matt Wuerker; founding staff member of Politico.

If Elections Were Fair
and Everybody Wanted
the Best Candidate to Win
Would be a choice on Voter Ballots

Closing Argument

Alan Shore: When the weapons of mass destruction thing turned out to be not true, I expected the American people to rise up. Ha! They didn't.

Then, when the Abu Ghraib torture thing surfaced and it was revealed that our government participated in rendition, a practice where we kidnap people and turn them over to regimes who specialize in torture, I was sure then the American people would be heard from. We stood mute.

Then came the news that we jailed thousands of so-called terrorists suspects, locked them up without the right to a trial or even the right to confront their accusers. Certainly, we would never stand for that. We did.

And now, it's been discovered the executive branch has been conducting massive, illegal, domestic surveillance on its own citizens. You and me. And I at least consoled myself that finally, finally the American people will have had enough. Evidentially, we haven't.

In fact, if the people of this country have spoken, the message is we're okay with it all. Torture, warrantless search and seizure, illegal wiretapping's, prison without a fair trial - or any trial, war on false pretenses. We, as a citizenry, are apparently not offended.

There are no demonstrations on college campuses. In fact, there's no clear indication that young people seem to notice.

Well, Melissa Hughes noticed. Now, you might think, instead of withholding her taxes, she could have protested the old fashioned way. Made a placard and demonstrated at a Presidential or Vice-Presidential appearance, but we've lost the right to that as well. The Secret Service can now declare free speech zones to contain, control and, in effect, criminalize protest.

Stop for a second and try to fathom that.

At a presidential rally, parade or appearance, if you have on a supportive t-shirt, you can be there. If you are wearing or carrying something in protest, you can be removed.

This, in the United States of America. This in the United States of America. Is Melissa Hughes the only one embarrassed?

*Alan sits down abruptly in the witness chair next to the judge*

Judge Robert Sanders: Mr. Shore. That's a chair for witnesses only.

Alan: Really long speeches make me so tired sometimes.

Judge Robert Sanders: Please get out of the chair.

Alan: Actually, I'm sick and tired.

Judge Robert Sanders: Get out of the chair!

Alan: And what I'm most sick and tired of is how every time somebody disagrees with how the government is running things, he or she is labeled un American.

U.S. Attorney Jonathan Shapiro: Evidentially, it's speech time.

Alan: And speech in this country is free, you hack! Free for me, free for you. Free for Melissa Hughes to stand up to her government and say "Stick it"!

U.S. Attorney Jonathan Shapiro: Objection!

Alan: I object to government abusing its power to squash the constitutional freedoms of its citizenry. And, God forbid, anybody challenge it. They're smeared as being a heretic. Melissa Hughes is an American. Melissa Hughes is an American. Melissa Hughes is an American!

Judge Robert Sanders: Mr. Shore. Unless you have anything new and fresh to say, please sit down. You've breached the decorum of my courtroom with all this hooting.

Alan: Last night, I went to bed with a book. Not as much fun as a 29 year old, but the book contained a speech by Adlai Stevenson. The year was 1952. He said, "The tragedy of our day is the climate of fear in which we live and fear breeds repression. Too often, sinister threats to the Bill of Rights, to freedom of the mind are concealed under the patriotic cloak of anti-Communism."

Today, it's the cloak of anti-terrorism. Stevenson also remarked, "It's far easier to fight for principles than to live up to them."

I know we are all afraid, but the Bill of Rights ~ we have to live up to that. We simply must. That's all Melissa Hughes was trying to say. She was speaking for you. I would ask you now to go back to that room and speak for her. ~ Boston Legal ~ Stick It ~ Season 2 ~ Episode 19 ~ [Video at link] ~ Written by David E. Kelley & Janet Leahy ~ Directed by Adam Arkin.

Nobody Offers Real Choice!


by Shenali D Waduge ~ Article Source

Ignorance rarely leads to happy endings. One cannot but wonder whether American politicians would have gotten away with what they have done had the American polity been more politically aware of what was going on around them both at home and abroad. Has it not been the ability of America’s politicians to sell lies the Americans bought that has led to the deaths of MILLIONS of people and the destructions of their nations?

How Media Fools Americans

96% of world media is in the hands of 6 corporate giants – should we be surprised that we are being brainwashed? Media takes advantage of the ignorance of the American public and preoccupies their time by diverting attention to more physical attributes of Presidential candidates, their spouses and the way they dress, the jokes they say or the appearances they make. When people are politically ignorant what happens – they become prey to manipulations by the “ruling class” and who are they? They are the transnational conglomerates who rule America’s political leaders, the news and entertainment media and special interest groups together who create what become history’s distortions unless we are aware of the truth.

One needs to wonder whether it serves the American Governmental apparatus well to have an ignorant populace for what would happen if 344million Americans did wake up to the ground realities of the atrocities its Government’s have been doing over decades? Would we be wrong to wonder if what happened to Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria could have been averted or stopped by pressures exerted by the American public not allowing their Governments to kill innocent people, bomb nations into oblivion and eventually drug its own soldiers leaving one soldier a day committing suicide because of the side-effects of the drugs they are taking?

It is not difficult to deduce that the American public have been conditioned and are being conditioned to think according to how their Government’s want them to think. Is it not because of conditioning that Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Gun lobby and similar big boys end up deciding who gets to sit on the hot seat of the White House?

Of the top 25 magazines in the US the only news magazine is listed at number 12 (Time – which is dictated by the Bilderbergs). Only 12.5m people actually read the top 25 magazines of which Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is No.1. A National Civic Literacy Study conducted by Xavier University reveals that 1 in 3 native-born citizens fails the civics portion of the naturalization test compared to 97.5% pass rate among immigrants applying for citizenship. America is a nation of reality TV watchers and there are plans to induce the same catastrophe to Asian viewers now mesmerized by reality TV as well. It is good for Asian policy makers to realize this and immediately address this before Asians too end up ignoramus themselves!

How many Americans would accuse mainstream media of being a bunch of paid professional liars? They along with the new peace doves in the form of the human rights champions have no love, no decency, no shame and no fear – in fact they thrive of spewing disinformation, creating lies to deceive people and they hold laborious meetings to devise ways to deceive people to protect those who control the newsmedia.

Ignorance of Americans – Survey results

Pew Research which conducts surveys on the American public’s public affairs knowledge confirms what we perceive to be a primary reason for successive Governments to sell whatever story they like and militarily intervene and destroy entire nations and populations. A Pew IQ study has revealed that only 7% of the people surveyed could correctly answer all 13 questions – half of those surveyed did not know where Syria was on the world map, 43% did not know what the national flag of China was, 75% didn’t know the Euro symbol and thankfully 75% knew John Kerry was the new Secretary of State. How is this possible in a country where its mainstream news channels are providing 24×7 news coverage? How worse can things be when most Americans have concluded that the Boston Bomber – described as a Chechen is thought to be from Czechoslavakia!

More alerted American public could have stopped genocide

If the American people had known the lies their Governments tell would they have been able to question the logic of US killing 1,455,590 innocent Iraqi’s to eliminate just 1 man? Thousands of Iraq’s have been killed since US military intervention in Iraq on the grounds that they accused Saddam for killing “50,000” Iraqi’s without even proof? Did no American wonder why US could not have sent a professional team to strike out just Saddam Hussein and even his coterie instead of bombing an entire nation?

If the American people knew that America was murdering millions to steal Iraqi oil would they have allowed the occupation to take place given that none of these riches have benefitted the common American? Americans must now ask exactly who are profiting from these illegal occupations?

If the American people knew more about the UN laws would they have not questioned why US was invading Iraq when there was no evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Before American public officials go attributing comments such as these as Anti-American it is good for themselves to wonder exactly how they are contributing to taking their nation en route to a course that would only disintegrate their own people and possibly end up creating more enemies than friends. It is not out of any malice that facts are placed but to simply make people ask themselves whether they are going to continue to be misled by a handful of self-centred people who do not care for anyone but themselves and who are using the system to create anarchy throughout the world.

Questions Americans should ask

If the Americans knew the amounts going to these fictitious wars would they not question why US Armed Forces receive the small pay rise since 1973 while billions are going towards funding more wars!

Can Americans simply pass the blame on the Bush or Obama administration because when America declares War on Terror and America invades a nation every death makes Americans accountable because the American Government decides on the POWER the people have given them and if the Powers seated at Washington are evil and corrupt then all those under it are no different.

Do Americans think the world must think like them? Is that not being proud and arrogant? Do the other nations of the world not have cultures and civilizations that have proud histories that people do not wish to dilute them in the name of “democracy” or “liberal thinking”?

If Americans were not as ignorant as they are would they have not asked “since when did it become America’s business to interfere in the affairs of other nations”?

If Americans were not as ignorant would they have not asked why US turned a blind eye to the millions slaughtered in Rwanda when US was alerted of the plan before the outbreak of violence?

Is it not because Americans were ignorant that US officials fooled the people into thinking 9/11 perpetrators were in Iraq and not Saudi Arabia?

Is it not because Americans are ignorant that Wall Street Bankers ripped off $23,700,000,000 (2009/2010) from the American taxpayers and the People’s “representatives” cannot do anything about it?

For Americans, all their Government needs to do is use just one word “terrorist” and the people are ever ready to give killing orders to their Governments but how many even wondered why their Government is using banned chemicals like DU – depleted uranium which has resulted in abnormal children.

[Photographs of mutilated babies were elided]

Some US soldiers have even stored their sperms in California laboratories in case DU makes them sterile!

Do Americans even wonder that a criminal syndicate has taken control of the White House and do people wonder how proud they can be when their troops leave this message?

Do Americans know enough to question why US had no right and no legitimate reason to invade Iraq and that it was an ILLEGAL war without UN sanction and when US General James Mattis says “its fun to shoot some people” we know doom is on the way.

What if Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama were all part of that criminal syndicate but one person wasn’t and because he didn’t belong he had to go – well this happens when you do not tag the line “The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight.” —President John Fitzgerald Kennedy – In a speech made to Columbia University on Nov. 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination! At the same time, he put a stop to the “borrowing” of Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve Bank and began issuing United States Notes (which was interest-free) on the credit of the United States. It was the issuing of the United States Notes that caused Jack Kennedy to be “assassinated.”

Upon taking the Oath of Office; Lynden B. Johnson stopped the issuing of the United States Notes and went back to borrowing Federal Reserve Bank Notes (which were loaned to the people of the United States at the going rate of interest of 17%). The U.S. Notes, that were issued under John F. Kennedy, were of the 1963 series which bore a “Red” seal on the face of the “Note.”

How many of the 344million Americans know that the Federal Reserve System is NOT a US Government owned agency? How many are aware that the member banks own all of the stock of the federal reserve banks and these heads are all members of the Council of Foreign Relations?

How many Americans know that Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law and amended the Constitution to make the federal income-tax known as the 16th amendment – once these 2 provisions became law what happens is that people are robbed of their earnings via the income-tax provision.

The day Americans start asking the correct questions either another “terrorist” attack would take place or better still the new laws in place will ensure Americans are too afraid to speak up – the fate of the whistleblowers shows enough reasons to fear the new system springing into being which will be no different under the Democrats or the Republicans.

The NSA leak and Snowden showed us that America and the world are being watched – their privacy is being violated. 30,000,000 US cars have black boxes. The nation preaching transparency and human rights have violated the rights of their own citizens.

Freedom gives people the right to BE wrong but Freedom does not give anyone the right to knowingly DO wrong.

When Americans are appearing to finally wake up and start asking the right questions that is why they are slapped with new laws and regulations to keep them in check and silenced. Surely 344million Americans can beat the tide and they must.

[Prompted by an article on abuse of politicians online and baby & women killers who continue to walk free.]

Sun Sentinel picks
for Florida primary

Sun Sentinel picks NONE of the ABOVE for Florida primary

By Al Tompkins • March 8, 2016

For the first time that anybody at the (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) Sun Sentinel can recall, the paper told its readers that none of the Republican candidates for president earned its endorsement.

"I hate that we didn't endorse," editorial page editor Rosemary O'Hara said. "We take this very seriously, we don't take it lightly at all. We offer endorsements not because readers always agree with us but so they know what we think and why we think it."

The Tuesday editorial takes issue with all four of the remaining GOP candidates.

We cannot endorse businessman Donald Trump, hometown Sen. Marco Rubio or Texas Sen. Ted Cruz because they are unqualified to be president. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is the best of the bunch, but if you measure a candidate by the caliber of his campaign, Kasich's lack of traction and organization make a vote for him count for little."

The Sun Sentinel urged former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to run last year, and he will appear on the Florida ballot next week even though he has put his campaign on hold.

The editorial board was especially critical of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio:

Remember that he has almost no experience and has done little but run for office. Then, when he gets in office, he doesn't go to work very much. He holds the worst attendance record in the U.S. Senate.

Because Rubio has failed to do his job as a senator, broken the promises he made to Floridians and backed away from his lone signature piece of legislation on immigration, we cannot endorse him for president.

The paper said Trump is "absurdly vague on how he would 'make America great again'" and noted that "Cruz scares us."

Newspapers have endorsed candidates at least as far back as 1860, when the New York Times backed Lincoln and failed to foresee the oncoming Civil War.

For decades, newspapers largely endorsed Republicans but more recently have leaned toward Democrats, Micah Cohen explained in a 2011 column for The New York Times.

There is little evidence showing that endorsements affect the outcome of national races. In 1976, 1996 and 2004, Cohen says, the winner of the most daily newspaper endorsements still lost the election. Endorsements that arrive closer to election day may be losing their punch in states like Florida, where growing numbers of voters cast their ballots early.

It is especially difficult to link newspaper endorsements to success in presidential elections where voters have a better sense of the candidates than they may have in local school board or judges races.

"Endorsements are a chance for newspapers to give an assessment of a candidate based on the values that the newspaper stands for," O'Hara said. She fully expects her paper to make a recommendation this fall. "Oh yes, I think this is an anomaly," O'Hara said.

Why I Think This World Should End, Brandon Sloan ~

You Can't Fix Stupid

Dictator Speech
by Sacha Baron Cohen ~ no longer available

Why are you guys so anti dictatorship? ~ Imagine if America was a dictatorship! ~ You could let 1% of the people have all the nation’s wealth. ~ You could help your rich friends get richer by cutting their taxes and bailing them out when they gamble and lose. ~ You could ignore the needs of the poor for healthcare and education. ~ Your media would appear free, but would secretly be controlled by one person and his family. ~ You could wiretap phones. ~ You could torture foreign prisoners. ~ You could have rigged elections. ~ You could lie about why you go to war. ~ You could fill your prisons with one particular racial group and no one would complain. ~ You could use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests. ~ I knew this is hard for you Americans to imagine, but please try! ~ Click for related Video links

What would it take for "The People" to understand their lives would be incredibly better and far less complicated if: NONE OF THE ABOVE was a 'valid choice' on voter ballots and Nobody Was President

June 7, 2016 Political Update

Mr. Trump is the Republican Presidential Candidate.
Mrs. Bill is the Democrat Presidential Candidate.

2,383 delegates required for Democrat nomination

According to Associated Press:

Mrs. Bill has 1,812 pledged with 571 superdelegates = 2,383

Mr. Sanders has 1,521 pledged with 48 superdelegates = 1,569

A note from Nobody's Campaign Manager

I am sure everyone is aware by now early Tuesday morning, June 7, 2016, before voters were given a chance to vote, Corporate Media declared Mrs. Bill the presidential candidate, and if one is truly interested in what really happened, it is now time to click and read this article.

Declaring a winner before an election is a device used to discourage people from going to their polling place and voting.

They hope the result will be voting is futile, so why waste your time going to the polls?

Many years ago the Birthday Party got tired of hearing, "No, I did not vote, why should I?", "Yes, I voted, ...for the lesser of evils!", etc. and provided a solution:

should be a choice on voter ballots

and although it is true the Birthday Party was not the first with this idea, we have been encouraging NONE of the ABOVE since 1976.

Our leader listens to what we have to say, tells the truth all the time, and never fails to love us when we are down & out..

Ignore Corporate Media Control Bullshit:


True Lies from Rip & Roy ~

June 5, 2016 Political Update
[Source: AP | Last updated: 4 Jun 2016, 9:47pm]

2,383 delegates required for Democrat nomination

Mrs. Bill has 1,776 pledged with 547 superdelegates = 2,323

Mr. Sanders has 1,501 pledged with 46 superdelegates = 1,547

[Click for State-by-state delegate tracker]

I'm a superdelegate and I don't believe in superdelegates'
Elizabeth Warren

May 26, 2016 Political Update

It appears Mr. Trump is the Republican Presidential Candidate.

2,393 delegates required for Democrat nomination

Mrs. Bill has 1,768 pledged with 537 superdelegates pledging = 2,305

Mr. Sanders has 1,497 pledged with 42 superdelegates pledging = 1,539

[Click for a complete List of 2016 superdelegates]

As Previously Stated:

Bernie Sanders voted against an unread Patriot Act.

Bernie Sanders voted against an illegal Iraq war.

Mrs. Bill voted in favor of an unread Patriot Act.

Mrs. Bill voted in favor of an illegal Iraq war, knowing fifty percent (50%) of the Iraqi population were children under the age of 15.

Donald Trump says he, Supports Reauthorizing Patriot Act.

Donald Trump Did Not Oppose the illegal Iraq War.

The Patriot Act was used to remove U.S. Citizen Freedom & Liberty and was created by the same Republicans who lied about WMD, started an illegal war in Iraq, murdered thousands of children, women, civilians, U.S. Military, was totally supported by the Democrat Party, and No Politician went to jail.

Nobody will eliminate an unread Patriot Act, detain politicians who voted for illegal Iraq wars, with no personal/outside contact or media for a minimum of 15 years, at Gitmo, and love you forever !!!


We the Corporations,

in Order to gain greater profit, establish our Justice, insure our domestic Tranquility, provide for our common defense, promote our general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for US and NOT the PEOPLE of the United States.

by Dahbud Mensch ~ is SANITY the PLAYGROUND of the unIMAGINATIVE?


Ashcroft says, IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED.... and is about to blow-up American CIVIL LIBERTIES
.... and is about to blow-up American CIVIL LIBERTIES

First, if one has not read this, now is probably a good time, ... despite that it might take a few minutes.

Second, rather than posting full articles, here is what triggered this post:

Obama unveils cybersecurity proposals: 'Cyber threats are urgent and growing danger'

Proposed legislation will allow companies to share information with government agencies including NSA, with which White House admitted there were 'overlapping issues'

President Obama's New Cybersecurity Proposal Is Already Facing Skepticism

The information-sharing proposal to be announced Tuesday comes in the wake of last year's Sony hack—but already has privacy advocates sounding alarms.

Obama to propose legislation to protect firms that share cyberthreat data

President Obama plans to announce legislation Tuesday that would shield companies from lawsuits for sharing computer threat data with the government in an effort to prevent cyber­attacks.

Here is (imo) the best comment by statistic from the first article:

So it's official...

The US (and its corporate cabal) is one of the least trustworthy nations on earth.

The US corporations will be loving this (just think of all those lucrative contracts with the added bonus of State protection).

Please remind me to avoid all US products and services in future (no offence intended to the many decent ordinary US citizens).

Here are a few reminders from the past.

1). Telecom companies knew they were breaking established laws when they did, what they did, for a War Criminal Bush Administration and were given immunity from prosecution by Republicons and Democraps (sic).

Allegedly, they first spied on Media Executives and Politicians they thought they would have troubles with, in order to hide Bush's shady past; including DUI incidents, being AWOL from military duty, and cocaine usage ... from public scrutiny.

Melba says, Edith, I hear the Government can tap our phones whenever they damn well want to!!! ~ Ashcroft who is illegally listening to the conversation says, That's not true, Edith-It's only to catch terrorists! ~ Edith questions by asking, Melba is a terrorist?
Melba says,
Edith, I hear the Government can tap our
phones whenever they damn well want to!!!

Ashcroft who is illegally listening to the conversation says,
That's not true, Edith-It's only to catch terrorists!
Edith questions by asking,
Melba is a terrorist?

2). The Patriot Act, which was never read by a Republicon and Democrap (sic) Congress, before it was passed into law.

The Patriot Act Is Not About Terrorism, It Is About Control of United States Citizens.

John Ashcroft's War on Terrorists ~ A large eye is watching a couple in bed, who are trying to sleep.
John Ashcroft's War on Terrorists
A large government eye watches a couple in bed, who are trying to sleep.

3). The Bush Cocaine Chronicles: Complicity and Cover-up ++++ Fox News reporter says Bush admitted using cocaine, then retreats, citing, 'questions'

What do you mean, my nose and lip has snow on it?
got coke?

4). The TIPS program, known as Operation TIPS.

WAR ON TERROR thugs destroy a home, hold a gun on a dog, and look at women's underwear during a raid.
Not finding anything terror related, one thug says, So...As long as we're here... Does your evil kid smoke dope?
WAR ON TERROR thugs destroy a home, hold a gun on a dog, and look at women's
underwear during a raid. Not finding anything terror related, one thug says,

So...As long as we're here... Does your evil kid smoke dope?

Double Standards

Presidential Hypocrite Barry was a teenage alcohol, marijuana and cocaine user:

What's Good for the Politician
is NOT GOOD for The People?

Politicians and the law

I find it truly amazing and appalling that politicians and candidates for political office can seem to get away with breaking the law, while the average citizen is punished heavily for doing the same. This issue knows no political party as Democrats and Republicans have both had their fair share of breaking the law and getting away with it. Law Breaking knows no bounds when it comes to politicians. Washington D.C. lawmakers have gotten away with insider trading for many years ... [Click to continue reading]

Republicans Around The Country Are On A Law breaking Rampage

Corrupt Democrats

Corrupt Republicans ~ especially the Bush Republican Administration with Democrat Support and Scooter Libby

10 Ways Our Politicians
Are Screwing Us

by MORRIS M., MAY 15, 2013

Click to read entire article at LISTVERSE source:

It's not easy being a politician. The pressure is high, the rewards low and there simply aren't enough hours in the day for screwing the electorate. Yeah, that's right: screwing. For all they claim to be representing us, the truth is our politicians are almost-exclusively looking out for number one. How else do you explain stuff like:

10 Accepting Bribes

Accepting Bribes

Lobbying is bribery for rich people. Only instead of being super-illegal it's encouraged, and instead of letting them bend the law it allows them to simply change it. Take gun control. In the months after Sandy Hook, it looked like there would finally be some movement on this issue. Public support for new laws was over ninety percent, both sides of the house seemed interested and it looked like a vote would sail through. Then the day came and the vote came back 'no'. So what happened? The pro-gun lobby put forward a convincing argument and senators rationally changed their minds, right?

Wrong. In the immediate aftermath of the vote, the Guardian revealed that all but 3 'no' senators had received thousands of dollars in pro-gun money. In other words: they'd been bribed. And, thanks to lobbying laws, that bribe was legal.

Now, lobbying is rarely this overt, but it's happening all the time—usually in the form of Washington's 'revolving door'. Put simply: a senator will align himself with a lobby group, vote their way and—the moment he's kicked out of office—get a lucrative job at that same group. It's about as openly corrupt as you can get in a democracy and guess what? There are approximately zero plans to change it.

09 Taking Welfare

Taking Welfare

If there's one group of people politicians of all colors are happy to piss on, it's welfare recipients. Whether they're talking about 'Welfare Queens' existing on the government teat, Obamacare bankrupting us all or food stamps becoming unaffordable; politicians sure do like to put the boot into those taking government money. So it should come as no surprise that the biggest 'Welfare Queens' of all reside on Capitol Hill.

In 2011, it was revealed that 23 members of congress were claiming farm subsidies. Of those 23, five were sponsored by the Tea Party: the very same Tea Party that opposes all Federal hand-outs. Between them, the Washington Welfare Queens had raked in over $18 million of your money, often while demonizing others for doing exactly the same thing. No matter where you stand on social security, you gotta admit that's pretty low.

08 Robbing the Taxpayer

Robbing the Taxpayer

Remember how I said lobbying was the most-corrupt you could get in a Western democracy? Turns out I lied. Welcome to Britain, where the UK parliament could give Silvio Berlusconi lessons in corruption.

Four years ago, an investigation by the Telegraph revealed that British MPs were using their expense accounts to pay for anything they felt like. And while you or I might be tempted to charge the odd drink or meal to whatever company we work for, these guys were charging for freaking houses. Not only were the charges highly-immoral, they were frequently ludicrous: one politician had the taxpayer pay £1,600 for a duck house and £30,000 for 28 tons of manure; while another claimed £2,200 to have his moat cleaned. As in his actual moat: as in something you only have if you already live in an actual castle. One MP even submitted rental costs for a non-existent property. By the time the dust settled, it became clear the government had been screwing the taxpayer for years, so the whole lot of them were locked in the tower of London and summarily beheaded. At least they would have been if there was any justice in this world.

07 Encouraging Nepotism

Encouraging Nepotism

Nepotism is where useless people get money or power because their mommy or daddy was kinda important. While some families, like that of Kim Jong-Un, take a direct approach—our Western version is more to do with handing out lucrative jobs and contracts to people on the basis of nothing more than sharing a handful of genes.

Last year, the New York Times ran this story reporting on the findings of Washington watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics. After trawling through a heck-load of records, the group had discovered 82 lawmakers diverting public and party funds to their relatives, often in the form of lucrative salaries for doing not very much. This included 20 members who used money raised for their own campaigns to campaign on behalf of a son, daughter or spouse. Worst of all, as the NYT editorial noted, the revelations came at a time of eight percent unemployment and worsening poverty: a time when hundreds of thousands of young people were getting thrown on the scrapheap. In other words, plenty of intelligent graduates are being frozen out these jobs in favor of people of no discernible talent—effectively creating a 'political class' with no connection to real life whatsoever.

06 Lying


Let's flip back to the UK for this one. Over there, lying has gotten so routine that two separate stories of made-up government statistics broke in one week. First, an important minister was caught out justifying welfare-robbery by making up facts. Then another high-ranking politician was caught quoting figures from an opinion poll commissioned by a motel-chain, which is about as scientific as it sounds. And that's just in one week: go back even further and you have a guy who was caught speeding on camera and blamed his wife—despite her being at a public conference at the time.

But these are just a handful of examples. Time and again, we encounter politicians breaking election promises, breaking contracts and just flat-out lying whenever they're caught being racist. These are the same people trying to make a living off their 'honest image': yet experience often shows them to be anything but.

05 Ignoring the Law

Ignoring the Law

It's a cliché to say someone thinks he or she is 'above the law', but our politicians apparently didn't get the memo. Whether it's driving while under the influence, sleeping with prostitutes, embezzlement, getting drunk and starting fights or simply being Nixon, our politicians break the law like it won't apply to them. And they're usually right: penniless people who smoke crack get the best part of a decade in prison; rich guys apparently get off with a wrist-slapping six months.

But none of that even begins to touch on the issue of government law-breaking. Put simply, sometimes the entire government makes a law then completely ignores it—as happened recently in England. After a court ruled the government had violated its own minimum wage laws by forcing hundreds of people into near-unpaid labour; the sociopaths in charge voted to bring in another law making them immune from liability. So, to recap: government makes law, government breaks law, government changes law to cover its own ass. There's a word these sort of people need to hear more often, and that word is "guillotine".

04 Looking out for Number One

Looking out for Number One

But our politicians aren't completely stupid: often they simply vote for what would benefit them to begin with, rather than what would benefit the country. Take the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts and the collective hissy fit Washington threw at the thought of a few rich guys paying a little extra each month. But did you ever stop to think who might benefit from those cuts—aside from millionaires?

That's right: politicians. According to the New York Times, two thirds of senators were millionaires in 2008, while the poorest senator is still earning around 3.5 times the average American wage. Then there's the massive $19,000 pay rise they awarded themselves in 2009—in other words, at the exact same time the economy was in free-fall and we were being told the country was broke. Not to be outdone by their American counterparts, British politicians later went one further by voting themselves a £31,000 salary increase—about $50,000. That's a 30 percent increase; seemingly-timed to coincide with devastating UK cuts to public services.

03 Abusing Office

Abusing Office

Earlier this year, the daughter of a Mexican official was refused a table at a Mexico City restaurant, so responded by getting her Dad's inspectors to close the place down. While that case is pretty overt, we here in the West are just as adept at abusing high office—so much so that Business Insider regularly publishes its list of 'most corrupt members of congress', and it sure makes for some ugly reading. Their 2012 edition includes a congresswoman who forced her staff to spy on an opponent; a congressman who used campaign funds to finance his daughter's graduation party; another who offered foreign donors Green Cards in exchange for money; another who allegedly bribed a Federal witness; one who ran a giant Ponzi scheme; several who accepted inappropriate gifts and several more who violated Federal laws. And this list is updated every year with new infractions, new abuses and new redefinitions of the word 'corruption'. In other words, we could give a Banana-Republic lessons in abuse of power, and no-one's willing to do a thing about it.

02 Being Hypocrites

Being Hypocrites

Most of the items on this list deal with some form of hypocrisy—but sometimes, it gets really overt. It may be the moral hypocrisy of talking up God and family values while cheating on your three wives, or evangelizing about raising taxes when you don't pay any yourself, or running your whole campaign on honesty when you're really as corrupt as the rest of them.

But what really sticks in the craw is this constant mantra that we're all suffering equally from this economic Armageddon. We're not: most of us have seen our taxes rise, our incomes shrink and our jobs get a heck of a lot more precarious. Our politicians, meanwhile, have been living it up: installing hundred thousand dollar beds on five hour flights, ordering expensive designer cushions to perch on and enjoying $60 breakfasts at taxpayer expense. Out of touch is one thing, but these guys seem to be living on a different planet.

01 Ignoring Voters

Ignoring Voters

Here's some quick facts: ninety one percent of Americans back moderate gun control measures. Eighty seven percent want the tackling of Federal corruption to become a priority. Fifty percent back legal marijuana. Fifty three percent favor gay marriage. At the time of writing, literally none of those things are being dealt with. Now, I'm not trying to say that majority opinion is always right, or that the government should be ruled by opinion polls. However, when the government consistently supports unpopular measures in the face of hard, scientific evidence, you have to start wondering who they're working for in the first place. 'Cause, right now, it sure as hell isn't us.

Morris M. is a freelance writer and newly-qualified teacher, still naively hoping to make a difference in his students' lives. You can send your helpful and less-than-helpful comments to his email, or visit some of the other websites that inexplicably hire him. Read More: Urban Ghosts

'It was widely known before the Iraq war over 50% of the Iraqi population were children under the age of 15, and they began the war with this act of sheer cowardice.'

This is a child who was mutilated and maimed by a Bush Republican Administration with Democrat Support.
For the record Bush said,
'Anyone who harms children is a terrorist.'
The above child was maimed by Republicons and Democraps (sic).

Peace prize goes to … nobody

Imprisoned Chinese activist first unable to accept since 1936

by Christopher Bodeen and Matti Huuhtanen, AP, Dec 10, 2010
BAY AREA NEWS GROUP via Hank ~ Article link not available, See Below

OSLO, Norway – When ambassadors, royalty and other VIPs take their seats in Oslo’s modernist City Hall on Friday for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, there will be one chair left empty — for this year’s winner.

Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, a democracy activist, is serving an 11-year prison sentence in China on subversion charges brought after he co-authored a bold call for sweeping changes to Beijing’s one-party communist political system.

Chinese authorities have placed Liu’s supporters, including his wife Liu Xia, under house arrest to prevent anyone from picking up his prize.

China was infuriated when the prestigious $1.4 million prize was awarded to the 54-year-old literary critic, describing it as an attack on its political and legal system.

Beijing has also pressured foreign diplomats to stay away from Friday’s ceremony. China and 18 other countries have declined to attend, including Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba.

At least 45 of 65 embassies in Oslo have accepted invitations.

Nobel committee secretary Geir Lundestad said Liu will be represented "by an empty chair … the strongest possible argument" for awarding it to him.

It will be the first time the peace prize will not be handed out since 1936, when Adolf Hitler prevented German pacifist Carl von Ossietzky from accepting the award.

The prize can be collected only by the laureate or close family members. Cold War dissidents Andrei Sakharov of the Soviet Union and Lech Walesa of Poland were able to have their wives collect the prizes for them. Myanmar democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi's award was accepted by her 18-year-old son in 1991.

Among the 1,000 guests expected at the City Hall ceremony are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Ambassador Barry White. In addition, about 100 Chinese dissidents in exile and some activists from Hong Kong will attend.

A torchlight parade through the dark, wintry streets to the Grand Hotel will follow, with chosen guests dining at a banquet with Norwegian King Harald and Queen Sonja.

Lundestad said countries gave various reasons for not attending, but some were "obviously affected by China." He noted that two-thirds of embassies had accepted.

China warned that attending the ceremony would be seen as a sign of disrespect.

"We hope those countries that have received the invitation can tell right from wrong, uphold justice," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said.

Nobel Peace Prize Committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland urged China to consider political reforms, saying the committee's decision to award Liu the prize was also a message to Beijing that as a world power, China "should become used to being debated and criticized."

"This not a prize against China," Jagland said.


The following was what was missing from the original article and located here:


On Thursday, about 100 protesters chanting "Freedom to Liu! Freedom for China!" marched to the Chinese Embassy in Oslo and tried to deliver a petition with more than 100,000 signatures urging the dissident's release from prison.

"Liu should not be jailed for his words. It's against the Chinese Constitution," said demonstrator Renee Xia. "The Chinese government is violating its own constitution by criminalizing free speech."

The Norwegian-Chinese Association plans a pro-China rally outside the Norwegian Parliament during Friday's ceremony.

Several news websites, including the BBC's and Norwegian broadcaster NRK's, were blocked in China on Thursday, apparently to blot out any possible coverage of the ceremony. Some Nobel-related reports on CNN's website were also inaccessible.

Li Heping, a civil rights lawyer, said the government's harsh reaction to the prize was an eye-opener for the West.

"In the past, the West didn't have a consensus on China. But this affair, this Nobel prize, has created one because it is linked with the West's core values," said Li, who was disbarred after pursuing human rights cases.

The United States and prominent rights groups repeated calls for Liu's freedom.

China's "very public tantrum has generated even more critical attention inside and outside China and, ironically, emphasized the significance of Liu Xiaobo's message of respect for human rights," Salil Shetty, Amnesty International's secretary general, said Thursday.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley reaffirmed U.S. support for the Nobel Peace Prize, telling reporters in Washington: "We urge China to uphold its international human rights obligations and to respect the fundamental freedoms and human rights of all Chinese citizens. And we continue to call for Mr. Liu's immediate release."

In a chaotic ceremony Thursday in Beijing, former Taiwanese Vice President Lien Chan was honored with the first Confucius Peace Prize - intended to put forth China's idea of peace.

Lien was absent and his aides seemed not to know anything about it. Instead, an unidentified, ponytailed girl accepted it on his behalf.

Tan Changliu, chairman of the awards committee, said the new prize should not be linked with Liu.

Bodeen and Tini Tran contributed to this report from Beijing.


Other locations of this article, with different presentations:

Leningrad Cowboys - Rockin In The Free World

Lies, Lies, Lies -

Roger Waters - "Home"

Nobody makes huge gains in the Russian election

Russian Anarchists protest parliamentary elections and citizens boycott vote - photo by SERGEI KARPUKHIN/RUSSIA
Russian Anarchists protest parliamentary elections and citizens boycott vote

Article Sources via Hank

"Today, I am not voting for someone but against someone, because there is no one appealing to vote for," said Sergei Tarakanov, 62, who wore a leather coat and porkpie hat, in the light snow outside a school in central Moscow where he cast his ballot. "So, I am a protest voter. Today, I am voting against the party of thieves and swindlers."

Recall the NDAA Traitors

How to Recall US Senators and Congressmen

Posted by Ralph Lopez, Source

Below is a list of the senators and congressmen who voted to sell us and our American rights down the river as if we had never been born with them. The right to recall federal officials is firmly established by the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as a power "not prohibited" by the Constitution and therefore "reserved to the states" and "to the people." As proponents of limited government, the Constitution was to be viewed as a straitjacket on the government, outlining limited powers, not a straitjacket on the people, whose rights only ended where they began to infringe on the rights of others. The Tenth Amendment states:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

The Treasonous 369
SENATE: YEAs ---86
HOUSE: AYES 283 --

Do not let any state legislator tell you that you cannot recall senators or congressmen. Only two state courts have decided this, Idaho and New Jersey, which do not apply to other states. In both cases the reasoning was weak and specious. The Idaho court said that the law was unconstitutional because it would constitute a new "qualification" for office in addition to age, residency and inhabitancy, the existing stated qualifications in the U.S. Constitution. This reasoning is weak and a poor crutch for other states.

In NJ Chief Justice Stuart Rabner wrote "The court finds that ... the federal Constitution does not allow states the power to recall U.S. senators." This is odd because in fact the Constitution explicitly allows, by not disallowing ("prohibiting" in the Tenth Amendment,) the states the power to recall US senators and congressmen.

"The powers not...prohibited...are reserved to the States...or to the people."

The states' right to recall is even more firmly anchored in the document antecedent to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, which states:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it... -- Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson, 1776."

The Supreme Court declared in 1897:

The Constitution is the body and letter of which the Declaration of Independence is the thought and the spirit, and it is always safe to read the letter of the Constitution in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution itself connects itself to the Declaration of Independence by dating itself from the date of the Declaration of Independence, thereby showing clearly that it is the second great document in the government of these United States and is not to be understood without the first.

The Constitutional includes provisions for the expulsion of a member from either House by a vote of other members. It would be absurd to conclude that the Founders, who reserved all rights to the people including the right to "abolish" the government, and who held that all governance was only by "consent of the governed," intended for congressmen to be more responsible to their colleagues than to the people they represent. If members of the Congress can expel members, their own constituents certainly can, given properly constructed recall laws.

"Properly constructed" should be taken to mean of gravity and import. Being a member of Congress should not be a popularity contest. But when it comes to questions of Constitutional import, these are questions which properly revert back to the people and the states. These are questions to be resolved in properly designed recall legislation.

18 states presently have recall laws: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. In some of these states federal officials are excluded, but not in others. States without recall laws would need them passed in the state legislatures, which boils down to lobbying state representatives and senators hard.

State representative and assembly districts are small and can be run for easily by ordinary citizens with little money. They are a tiny fraction of the size of a congressional district and can be door-knocked in a few months. State senators and representatives seeing challenges coming over their stand on the federal recall issue are more likely to get on the side of the people.

Almost as importantly, active recall drives and drives to pass new recall laws over the NDAA's indefinite military detention of American citizens keeps the issue in the fore. This vital since most people still are unaware of what is taking place. This will require a long-term, voter to voter education campaign for which recall can serve as the vehicle. "Why would you want to recall old Senator So-and-So?" - your neighbors will ask. Wait until they find out.

Here is one possible model recall law to present to your state representatives, just change the name of the state it is will serve as a first draft.


Here is an excellent link to state house contacts and your state representatives:

Be sure to study this short history of the federal recall, written by an attorney, as well as the other links here, so you can be ready to knock down your state representative's arguments that senators and congressmen cannot be recalled: "Recalling US Senators and Congressmen."

Finally don't forget to join the Facebook "Recall Every Congressman Who Voted for the NDAA" The Internet will be a powerful tool for different states to communicate with each other and share information and advice.

Power now reverts back to the states, since the federal government has egregiously violated and sought to overturn our "unalienable rights," and we must call on our state legislators, who are closest to us, to recall our federal representatives from Washington who voted for this.

A Longer View

Taking the longer view of a nationwide wave of recall drives against politicians who have broken their oath to "protect and defend the Constitution," these are vital to show that the American people will not let this stand and will fight to reclaim our birthrights as Americans in a peaceful and democratic way. What the congress and the president have done constitutes nothing less than a threat to us and our families, by declaring the authority for what amounts to kidnap, torture, and execution without trial or due process. We are taking this threat seriously.

But the government's over-reach into our sacred rights might also finally bring us, at long last, to that national re-examination so long overdue since 9/11, which started the train of federal government usurpation of basic rights in the name of "security." For although George W. Bush declared that the terrorists "hated us for our freedoms," it was never Al Qaeda which took a vote on the Senate floor to abolish the Bill of Rights, but our very own "domestic enemies" of the Constitution.

That the breath-taking power grab takes place just as a fresh awakening has occurred, taking aim at the corrupting influence of money in our political system, cannot be ignored. The monied powers which rob the taxpayers of trillions in bailouts for irresponsible business practices have been challenged by Occupy Wall Street. The connection between this challenge and the attempted usurpation of our rights is hard to know.

Recall drives against a good number of federal elected officials, based on clearly righteous grounds, might open the way to a new responsiveness in our ossified institutions, by shadowing incumbents at re-election time, encouraging resignations, or, perhaps even, prompting the lawmakers themselves to mend their ways, and become true advocates for their constituents rather than for the bags of money which prowl their halls. It is truly a shame that many of these politicians who had noble entrances into political life, as reformers and mavericks, now conclude these careers as the worst traitors to their sworn oaths that the nation has ever seen.

Call for Constitutional Convention to Remove Traitors
Who Would Abolish U.S. Liberty and Freedom

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BREAKING NEWS: GOP Will Run Nobody for President in 2012

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WASHINGTON, D.C. In an unprecedented move, The RNC announced today that the Republican Party has decided to cancel its primaries and run nobody for president in 2012.

Speaking to reporters, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus explained the decision: “We think that running nobody will rally Republicans of all stripes and garner more votes than any of the other potential candidates.”

He may be right. A recent nationwide poll of likely Republican voters revealed that, given a choice between all the other contenders and a blank space, 88% would vote for the blank space.

Priebus continued: “We strongly believe that the only candidate that has a chance of beating President Obama is nobody.”

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Republican pollster Frank Luntz agreed, saying that the other GOP candidates simply have too many negatives. “Let's face it," he said, "Tim Pawlenty is the human equivalent of Ambien; Michele Bachmann will not appeal to voters who can tie their shoes without help; Romney? Who knows whether evangelists will vote for a Moron, er... I mean Mormon? "

Luntz continued: "Ron Paul knows a lot about the Constitution, which is a turn-off for many Republican voters; Newt Gingrich is unappealing because his first name is a type of salamander. Salamaders are amphibians. Republicans tend to vote for reptiles. And Mitch Daniels looks too much like Calvin Coolidge."

Click for Mitch Daniels or Calvin Coolidge? photo

Support for nobody seems to be unanimous among Republican leaders.

Speaker of the House, John Boehner told reporters: “Compared to all the other potential candidates, the best choice is nobody. I'm totally behind nobody. Does anybody have a hanky?"

The new strategy has enlivened Republican donors “We intend to raise a billion dollars for the nobody campaign,” the Koch brothers vowed. "Getting nobody elected will be our highest priority."

Click for Koch Brother$ photo

Iowa Republican activist Don Flam was enthusiastic: “We all feel that this is a fabulous move. Our grassroots organizations can really get behind nobody. Nobody will really unite the party."
Senate Minority Mitch McConnell could barely contain himself when he heard the news. "Nobody's perfect," he said.

But perhaps House Minority Leader Eric Cantor summed it up best: “Just think how great it would be for Republicans if nobody was elected President.

Boston Legal Speech on America

This Is How You Fix Congress

via Robin Kilgore

Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling: "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.

The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971...before computers, e-mail, cellphones, etc.

Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land...all because of public pressure.

Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

Congressional Reform Act of 2014

1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

Who's Alien?  U.S. Out of North America, Nobody for President

Out Of All Choices for President:
Nobody is Perfect


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