Nobody for President Songs

Nobody speaks through the teeth (talking teeth animation).
by Curtis

According to my tour journals, the following folks are associated with Nobody for President campaign songs:

Stacy Sammuels [Interstellar Propeller] was part of Nobody's original crew, and with support from many of Nobody's Helpers across the country, did many impromptu Nobody for President songs.

David Peel [Wikipedia] did the first Nobody for President song at Nobody's Rally in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York City, 1976, with support from the Holy Modal Rounders.

Uranium Savages [] 200801.08 - Apparently I overlooked a note, "Uranium Savages did impromptu Nobody song at end of rally, UofT, Austin, '76."

This PDF file mentions their appearance: 197610.22 - The Daily Texan - This PDF file contains picture of me wearing an Uranium Savages t-shirt: 197610.22-1 - The Austin American-Statesman

Country Joe McDonald [home] did the second Nobody for President (MP3) song at Union Square, San Francisco, 1980 (The FLASH video is located here or Nobody's FLASH video page.)

During 1980, Jim Maxwell, of Jim Maxwell & The Sundown Band, did the third Nobody for President song and gave me the following "Nobody For President" 45 record with permission to use it for Nobody. Click to listen to MP3

Nobody for President by Jim Maxwell and  The Sundown Band, 45 front jacket Nobody for President by Jim Maxwell and  The Sundown Band, 45 back jacket.

Record Credits

Jim Maxwell - vocal, guitar, Roy Marden - guitar, vocals, Jerry Shebeski - drums, Joe Jedrlinic - bass guitar, Craig Grant - vocals, percussion, David Peel - vocals, percussion, Joanna D'ascoli - vocals, Sherwin Winnick - mix consultant, Recorded at Dreamland Studios, N.Y., Mixed at Sundown Recording, L.I., N.Y., Special Thanks: Andrea Katz, Cover Design: Harry Wasserman, Promotion: Michael Luckman.


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